Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Cruel World

The diary of a former obese now just an overweight girl on her way to being a fit one. Watch me shrink! 

I'm sure to be amusing as I post photos of me through this process... I will at least try to be I won't like I'm about halfway through but I've still got a long way to go ...about 30lb.

Along the way you'll learn about me and get some makeup, natural hair, fitness, fashion tips and more. I'm a fan of cooking and reading so I'll throw that in too!! 

Right now I'm doing Turbo Fire. It's totally kicking my butt but I'm positive I'm already seeing changes. I hope that someone out there can be inspired by my journey!!

I started my journey Last March after getting my wedding photos and hated what I saw... my happiest day was ruined by how horrible I looked in my photos...well to me at least. I know that was amazing but I can't help but look at some of my pictures and just go..what was I thinking? 

this photo almost made me cry. a beautiful moment with my grandma and I'm too busy looking at my arm fat. Well enough was enough. I got off my but and got my numbers...and then decided to drop some weight!

I started out at about 41% body fat. I'm at last count at 30.5%.
I was squeezing into 36 band size down to a 34.
Thighs 27inches now 23
My waist went from 40" to around 35" at last check
Hips were 47" now about 43"
My jeans were a 14/16 now an 8/10
Weight 207/7-181.2 and counting....

My dear friend and coach Erin Frick helped me discover Turbo Jam and I really put my heart into and started dropping some major felt so amazing....embarrassing photos to follow... but it shows my shrinking back and arm fat!!

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  1. Get it girl! OMGeeze! Look at that awesome difference from beginning to end! You are a ROCKSTAR! Keep pushing!