Friday, November 1, 2013

Subscrition services galore

So...I have a problem! All of these subscription services really call to me! I just signed up for stich fix and just fab!! I couldn't help myself I CANNOT wait to see what I get in my fix and see how my shoes fit!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Holy smokes I decided it was time to get REAL SERIOUS!!

I decided it was time to meet the beast Sagi Kalev!!

This man is gorgeous and ripped!! I finally got myself to under 30% body fast 28.5% to be exact with 23lbs of excess fat to lose and I was totally over cardio so I went what the heck, let's lift!! I mean come on Marilyn Monroe lifted!! why can't I? I loved Chalean Extreme but body beast is so much more than that!! it's CRAZY heavy lifting! You don't get a body like that without working for it !!

Right now I'm on day 5 of the program Currently I'm in the Build Phase! Which last 3 weeks then I go to Bulk which last 5 weeks and then Beast which is another 4 weeks. The total program is 12 weeks or 83 days with 6 days of working out and 1 rest day!

I am so very very sore but I feel like a BEAST already!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Focus T25

Well I just came back from Beachbody Coach Summit 2013. It was an very amazing invigorating experience. I learned a lot and I'll be using that here to quite a bit. One of the things I've decided to do is blog about my journey through Focus T25 Shaun T's new program that's sure to shake up and revolutionize fitness. It's insane as in Insanity insane but short and I'm really looking forward to it.

Going to summit gave us a chance to try T25 before it's even availing on the marker. Right now you're only able to get it through your beachbody coach. So I'll be on here posting all the nitty gritty as I got through everything. 

To start things off my hubby and I hit the store up to shop. We have relatively stocked kitchen so we spend just under $100 at our Trader Joe's to pick up ingredients to jump start this week. To be fair there were a few items in this grocery list that weren't for this weeks meals like bread, guacamole etc, we're putting together the 1st days of meals and this I'm starting with the Focus T25 Fast Track I'll spend the 1st 5 days eating around 1,100 calories in addition to my Shakeology. OMG I should mention they now have Vanilla!! I'll be ordering that pronto I tried it at summit and it was DELICOUS! 

Well anyway, I'm off to go make my 1st days meals. Did I forget to mention the recipes are 5 items or less (sans items like vinegar, salt pepper, and EVOO) and they're supposed to take 5 minutes or less to prepare!! Hello one of my number one issues is my lack of time so if this is legit, then I'll not have any more excuses to make!! Talk about accountability ! 

all these goodies come in the box 12 workouts! 
I want results even better than this! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why yes I am Insane

Today I did soemthing I NEVER thought I would dream of having the courage to do. Today I did the Insanity Fit really here's proof. 
Sure it's true I could have just written down some random numbers, but that's wouldn't be half as cool as actually doing it!!  I'm determined to make this happen for me and that includes following the eating plan.  I keep look at these people who get this AMAZING  results from the Beachbody programs and I'm like what the heck I can do that...can't I? I mean come on I gotta be able to do that! So I picked Insanity be the one program I commit 100% to, and don't slack on. Why?
1. My husband will suffer thought it with me
2. It's only 60 days vs the traditional 90 day program
3. The meal plan isn't insanely difficult
4. The program is insanely hard and well recognized. I want the street cred of saying I finished Insanity and the results to go with it
5. It's on my bucket list.

The other thing I'm doing is the couch to 10k app with hopes of completing the Richmond Half Marathon in November. I have other runs lined up alone the journey but it all begins with this app. I was thinking how much further along on this fitness journey can I do if I stop screwing around and get real? I dunno but let's find out!!

Fitness buck list

Sometimes you have to admit what you want to do, really put it out there for the world to see in order to have enough motivation to do it! So...I'm doing just that.

I made a fitness buck list,. and now I'm posting in...and slowly but surely I'm going ot knock items off this list. I'm not planning on tackling all these items in a year, but a few per year would be great, it would show that I'm progressing, and that I'm try to change! 

Here's the list!

Fitness bucket list:
·         Do a pull-up
·         Go to a pole dancing class 
·         Squat 200lbs
·         Try a spin class
·         Complete a full round of Turbo Fire
·         Run a 5k
·         Join the National Weight Control Registry (yeah buddy I’ll get back to 30lb loss and keep it off for a year! )
·         Go to a Silks class
·         Try Cross Fit
Follow my diet 100% for 4 weeks (NO CHEATS)
·         Go to a Bikram yoga class
·         Compete in a figure competition
·         Bench press 100lbs
·         Wear a bikini in public!
·         Become a Turbo kick/Hip Hop Hustle instructor (with a job)
·         Become a Certified Sports Nutritionist
·         Do a belly dancing class
·         Do a hip hop class
·         Own a pair of size 6 jeans and wear them comfortably
·         No fast food for 4 weeks
·         Complete a CLX/TF hybrid
·         Do a round of Insanity
·         Run a 10k
·         Go to camp Do More and meet Chalene!
·         Hike Old Rag
·         Do a weekend long backpacking trip
·         Ski a moderate-difficult ski trail
·         Do 30 consecutive triple threat push ups
·         Swim a half mile
·         Run a mile
·         Drop to 25% body fat or lower
·         Hold a plank for 60 sec
·         Run a half marathon
·         Do 5 pull ups
·         Complete the Nike Women’s Marathon
·         Run a mile in less than 6:30

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tips for Tuesday..and a recipe too!!

Bodybuggs and Fitbits...


Well to start things off let's talk about some devices that can be extremely helpful on your weight loss journey. There are heaps of gadgets available to help you meet your goals. In my opinion, however, there are only two main contenders.

1.  The Fit Bit

2. The bodybugg (or Bodymediafit)

Similarities :

  • Both of these items are going to count your calories.
  • They are going to count your steps
  • They both have websites that let you set goals
  • They monitor your sleep
  •  Both sync with MyFitnessPal

Differences  :


The bodybugg or body media fit is  the only FDA-certified medical device. It tracks movement, skin temperature, heat dissipation, and perspiration levels into an algorithm to give steps taken, sleep efficiency that's about 95% accurate, and gets more accurate as you continue to wear it. 

  • it's $6.95 a month to keep is accurate, and there's not display on the device so you either have to activate the bluetooth and use the app on your android or iPhone to check your daily progress have to plug your bugg into your computer. 
  • it's worn on your arm so unless you want to tell everyone about what it is you have to wear sleeves long enough to cover it up.
  • It's more accurate in my opinion having worn them at the the same time. 


This little guy only uses an  accelerometer and an altimeter, to track your calories burned, steps taken, stairs climbed, and even how well you've slept.It also your movements at night to compare the time you're lying down versus the time you were asleep. 

  • You have the move the Fitbit to your wrist and wear this armband to monitor your sleep..and you have to push a button to start and stop the sleep monitoring process.
  • The fitbit is cheaper over all, and it's more discreet as it's worn on your pocket in between your bra.  Also fitbit has a display right on the device.

I could go on and on about the pros and cons of each of these devices but really it's up to you...I have both so...I use both. I prefer my bodybugg. but when I want to monitor my calories and wear a sleeveless dress or short sleeves I clip my fit bit on and go.  I think that bodybugg has an edge of fit bit on accuracy. I think the fitbit has a better overall interface, and is a bit more fun giving you stairs climbed and more. Honestly you can't go wrong with either and....these are just a piece of the puzzle. You've got to make them work for you! 

Set your goals with either device, and meet them! Having a device like this lets you become really specific about your goals. You know what you can afford to eat cause you're getting a general idea of what you burn and Calories in Calories out is most of the battle...but we all knows it's not that simple. 

I use Myfitnesspal to keep me accurate, but you can to be honest about every lick, bite, and nibble. I have not been as accurate as I should have been, so now that I have the opportunity I'm buckling down and seeing what happens. I've got about 20 or so pounds left to go until I've reached "goal weight" but I know that I want to look become a bikini or figure competitor so I'll have a long way to go after that....

Salsa Chicken (serves 12):
3lbs. of chicken breast
1 jar of salsa 
( I used Trader Joes "Hot Chipolte Salsa)
2-3 diced tomatoes
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 chopped bell pepper
1/2 cup sliced green onion 
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp thyme
1/4 tsp of Kosher Salt
1 tsp cayenne (for spicy lovers) 

fresh cilantro and/or green onion for garnish

Dump it all into crockpot, turn on low and go to work...come home shred chicken and serve.
I eat this with rice, but you can eat it on a bed of salad, or roll it into a (clean) tortilla.

Macros (based on a 6 oz serving)
Calories: 141
Fat: 1g
Carbs: 4g
Protein: 26g 
Adapted from

That's all for now folks! Enjoy the recipe~~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fitness Friday: What's your battleplan?

Fitness Friday: What's your Battle plan?

 How are you going to battle the winter holiday bulge

It's's getting colder and that's normally a reason to sit around and gain weight. The holidays are coming and there's even more of chance to pack on the what's a girl who wants to shrink, not grow to do?

I've set myself on a path for success, and I have a goal in mind: to end the winter hibernation slimmer than I was when I started. 
I'm one week into my Chalean Extreme/Turbo Fire Hybrid. A 140 day program (I know that's a lot) that I'll finish this Spring to help me accomplish my goal!!

Why have I chosen this program?
  1. Chealean Extreme is a weight lifting program mixed with cardio intervals. This type of program is great for someone like me who build muscle easily, however this program is just as great for someone who doesn't have a lot of muscle and wants to gain it some (read toned).
  2. Turbo fire is an intense cardio program which is great for increasing cardiovascular endurance.  It's also got these killer HIIT workouts which are also killer fat burning workouts (noticing a theme here). These workouts will get you hot, sweaty, and lean (read toned)
  3. Doing these programs together gives you a powerhouse workout combination of strength training and cardio. You're sure to see you body change with the one folks!!
  4. Weight lifting helps slim you down, you might not notice the pounds melting away but pull out your tape measure...or use an pair of jeans that are too tight and keep trying them on every couple of weeks.
  5. Cardio helps keep your heart healthy and it will also help you lose weight!! Don't be too much of a scale watcher because you can lost fat and gain muscle (a good thing) without using weight on the scale.
I strongly suggest grabbing a set of calipers, or having a local gym or fitness center that tests body fat percentage and getting that's amazing how much more of a gauge for proper fitness that it is!! 

I'll be posting monthly photos to show my progress as well as taking my measurements and getting my body fat percentage done.  

My goals for this program:
  1. Lost at least 5-6% body fat so that means I'd like to be around 21-23% when I finish this
  2. Have all of my measurements add up to less than 195" right now they add up to about 208" when all together.
  3. I'd like to see my waist specifically drop at least 5 of those inches
  4. Comfortably wear a size 8 in my normal stores right now I wear around a size 10 in most of them.
  5. I don't have a weight goal...I have an idea of where I'd like my weight to be, but I will not make that a goal
Bonus: I'd like to be able to run a 5k...which means I have to start running...this will probably be the hardest goal of all!! 
Have a fabulous Fitness Friday and make it amazing!! Do something fun try rock climbing, or try some hot yoga. Give pole dancing a whirl, or hit up a kick boxing don't have to workout at home...but you gotta get moving....

Up next: A review of Fit Bit, and BodyBugg