Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's this about?

I know I know two post in one day, but it's my blog so I can do what I want with it!

I've decided to add some order to the chaos...can't say I'll always follow the plan but....

We're going to have:

Makeup Mondays: hair, nails, makeup tricks, products I love etc. 

Tasty/Thirsty Tuesday- recipes!! Things I love to make, and drink but (hopefully) healthier versions of them all!!

Weigh In/Workout Wednesdays. These will be the days I post how I'm doing, what I'm doing on my current workout regimen. I mean this is after all about fitness!!

Tips for Thursday: any tips I've tried and liked or gotten off pinterest whether is be, the best way to do cat eyeliner, or how to get the bathroom ring from coming back. Decorating stuff too !

Fashion Fridays: My outfits, designers I love, places to find great clothes, jewelry etc!! 

Wildout Weekends- Free for all whatever I wanna post I can and will!! hahaha be prepared!

I have realized is time for a new progress photo so I promise to take a new photo and get new measurements and body fat percentages done to see where I am.  I hope you'll enjoy yourselves. Also check out my other pages!! One is shakeology recipes!! The other is pinterest stuff, arts and craft etc that I have done. 

Lastly Tomorrow is an exciting day!! I've just ordered some new beachbody products that I'll be reviewing for you all!! Get ready!!

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