Monday, September 24, 2012

Make Up Monday: Lips and Eyes

Ok so as you will soon learn if you don't already know I love make up...specifically eye make up! Why? The eyes are the window to the no it's because when it comes make up I feel that eye make's one of the best ways to change your look around and make a major statement!

So...I bring you a new eyeliner that I'm seriously crushing on.  I know this tip looks totally intimidating but believe me it's not!!. So let's talk about why this tip looks like Poseidon's trident, cause there is a very good reason for it!

1) the prongs are meant to help emphasize your lash line. You use the tips to dot in between your lashes to fill in the gaps and make your lashes look fuller and darker.It also help to fill in your lash line if your missing a few lashes, or they look sparse. This baby fixes that.

2) If you flip the brush onto it's side you can tight line your upper lash line. This technique sounds scarier than it its. You're literally doing the equivalent to lining your water line (your bottom lash line) on the top. This brush draws a super skinny line that dries really quickly and again emphasizes your lash line.

3) Perfectly lined eyes!  You take the line and starting on the side draw that same skinny line you did when you tight lined. Then you roll it so that the fattest part is against your lid and keep drawing. you want the line to start small and get gradually thicker towards the corner of your lid. This tip also makes cat eyes a dream! Bonus the inky liquid liner is super deep carbon black so one coat is all you need!! 

The awesome folks and Too Faced provided these pictures and they are very great!! 

My next obsession took me a while to bite the bullet on because I couldn't wrap my head about the cost!! $32 for a lip gloss is a hefty price tag. I noticed that I was "demoing" this product whenever I walked into Sephora so I eventually caved and gave it a whirl. What am I rambling on about? Yves Saint Laurent's Glossy Stain. This stuff is so worth the price!

First of all you have 20 shades to choose from, so you'll find the one for you!!  It's like a hybrid between a gloss and a stain. The reason I was willing to drop $32 on it? I've tested it several times and it's stays super shiny, but not sticky for hours. It will last through dinner or drinking your morning coffee with barely a stain on the mug. You can kiss your hubby without leaving evidence. The fact that you don't have to reapply all the time means that you can also save yourself money in the long run...(or at least this is how I've justified it)

I picked this jewel up in No. 5 Rouge Vintage. That means Antique Red for those non French speakers and this color is true to it's name. It stains your lips a nice deep red (read: not fire engine)  that's totally wearable during the day, but also super sexy. When I want a super red lip (for me) I layer this with my other obsession Hourglass Costmetics Opaque Rouge in it's oh so vampy color Icon. On it's on this lip color dries with a truly stunning matte finish that last for hours and hours. Icon is an exclusive color only available at Sephora. 
Speaking of heading out for the night, that's what I'm going to do now, but I'll be giving a pin curls tutorial very soon!!  It's one of my favorite ways to style your hair without heat and being a natural curly girl no heat is one of my favorite ways to style!!

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