Thursday, September 19, 2013


Holy smokes I decided it was time to get REAL SERIOUS!!

I decided it was time to meet the beast Sagi Kalev!!

This man is gorgeous and ripped!! I finally got myself to under 30% body fast 28.5% to be exact with 23lbs of excess fat to lose and I was totally over cardio so I went what the heck, let's lift!! I mean come on Marilyn Monroe lifted!! why can't I? I loved Chalean Extreme but body beast is so much more than that!! it's CRAZY heavy lifting! You don't get a body like that without working for it !!

Right now I'm on day 5 of the program Currently I'm in the Build Phase! Which last 3 weeks then I go to Bulk which last 5 weeks and then Beast which is another 4 weeks. The total program is 12 weeks or 83 days with 6 days of working out and 1 rest day!

I am so very very sore but I feel like a BEAST already!!

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