Sunday, June 23, 2013

Focus T25

Well I just came back from Beachbody Coach Summit 2013. It was an very amazing invigorating experience. I learned a lot and I'll be using that here to quite a bit. One of the things I've decided to do is blog about my journey through Focus T25 Shaun T's new program that's sure to shake up and revolutionize fitness. It's insane as in Insanity insane but short and I'm really looking forward to it.

Going to summit gave us a chance to try T25 before it's even availing on the marker. Right now you're only able to get it through your beachbody coach. So I'll be on here posting all the nitty gritty as I got through everything. 

To start things off my hubby and I hit the store up to shop. We have relatively stocked kitchen so we spend just under $100 at our Trader Joe's to pick up ingredients to jump start this week. To be fair there were a few items in this grocery list that weren't for this weeks meals like bread, guacamole etc, we're putting together the 1st days of meals and this I'm starting with the Focus T25 Fast Track I'll spend the 1st 5 days eating around 1,100 calories in addition to my Shakeology. OMG I should mention they now have Vanilla!! I'll be ordering that pronto I tried it at summit and it was DELICOUS! 

Well anyway, I'm off to go make my 1st days meals. Did I forget to mention the recipes are 5 items or less (sans items like vinegar, salt pepper, and EVOO) and they're supposed to take 5 minutes or less to prepare!! Hello one of my number one issues is my lack of time so if this is legit, then I'll not have any more excuses to make!! Talk about accountability ! 

all these goodies come in the box 12 workouts! 
I want results even better than this! 

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