Friday, October 12, 2012

Fitness Friday: What's your battleplan?

Fitness Friday: What's your Battle plan?

 How are you going to battle the winter holiday bulge

It's's getting colder and that's normally a reason to sit around and gain weight. The holidays are coming and there's even more of chance to pack on the what's a girl who wants to shrink, not grow to do?

I've set myself on a path for success, and I have a goal in mind: to end the winter hibernation slimmer than I was when I started. 
I'm one week into my Chalean Extreme/Turbo Fire Hybrid. A 140 day program (I know that's a lot) that I'll finish this Spring to help me accomplish my goal!!

Why have I chosen this program?
  1. Chealean Extreme is a weight lifting program mixed with cardio intervals. This type of program is great for someone like me who build muscle easily, however this program is just as great for someone who doesn't have a lot of muscle and wants to gain it some (read toned).
  2. Turbo fire is an intense cardio program which is great for increasing cardiovascular endurance.  It's also got these killer HIIT workouts which are also killer fat burning workouts (noticing a theme here). These workouts will get you hot, sweaty, and lean (read toned)
  3. Doing these programs together gives you a powerhouse workout combination of strength training and cardio. You're sure to see you body change with the one folks!!
  4. Weight lifting helps slim you down, you might not notice the pounds melting away but pull out your tape measure...or use an pair of jeans that are too tight and keep trying them on every couple of weeks.
  5. Cardio helps keep your heart healthy and it will also help you lose weight!! Don't be too much of a scale watcher because you can lost fat and gain muscle (a good thing) without using weight on the scale.
I strongly suggest grabbing a set of calipers, or having a local gym or fitness center that tests body fat percentage and getting that's amazing how much more of a gauge for proper fitness that it is!! 

I'll be posting monthly photos to show my progress as well as taking my measurements and getting my body fat percentage done.  

My goals for this program:
  1. Lost at least 5-6% body fat so that means I'd like to be around 21-23% when I finish this
  2. Have all of my measurements add up to less than 195" right now they add up to about 208" when all together.
  3. I'd like to see my waist specifically drop at least 5 of those inches
  4. Comfortably wear a size 8 in my normal stores right now I wear around a size 10 in most of them.
  5. I don't have a weight goal...I have an idea of where I'd like my weight to be, but I will not make that a goal
Bonus: I'd like to be able to run a 5k...which means I have to start running...this will probably be the hardest goal of all!! 
Have a fabulous Fitness Friday and make it amazing!! Do something fun try rock climbing, or try some hot yoga. Give pole dancing a whirl, or hit up a kick boxing don't have to workout at home...but you gotta get moving....

Up next: A review of Fit Bit, and BodyBugg


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