Monday, April 1, 2013

Fitness buck list

Sometimes you have to admit what you want to do, really put it out there for the world to see in order to have enough motivation to do it! So...I'm doing just that.

I made a fitness buck list,. and now I'm posting in...and slowly but surely I'm going ot knock items off this list. I'm not planning on tackling all these items in a year, but a few per year would be great, it would show that I'm progressing, and that I'm try to change! 

Here's the list!

Fitness bucket list:
·         Do a pull-up
·         Go to a pole dancing class 
·         Squat 200lbs
·         Try a spin class
·         Complete a full round of Turbo Fire
·         Run a 5k
·         Join the National Weight Control Registry (yeah buddy I’ll get back to 30lb loss and keep it off for a year! )
·         Go to a Silks class
·         Try Cross Fit
Follow my diet 100% for 4 weeks (NO CHEATS)
·         Go to a Bikram yoga class
·         Compete in a figure competition
·         Bench press 100lbs
·         Wear a bikini in public!
·         Become a Turbo kick/Hip Hop Hustle instructor (with a job)
·         Become a Certified Sports Nutritionist
·         Do a belly dancing class
·         Do a hip hop class
·         Own a pair of size 6 jeans and wear them comfortably
·         No fast food for 4 weeks
·         Complete a CLX/TF hybrid
·         Do a round of Insanity
·         Run a 10k
·         Go to camp Do More and meet Chalene!
·         Hike Old Rag
·         Do a weekend long backpacking trip
·         Ski a moderate-difficult ski trail
·         Do 30 consecutive triple threat push ups
·         Swim a half mile
·         Run a mile
·         Drop to 25% body fat or lower
·         Hold a plank for 60 sec
·         Run a half marathon
·         Do 5 pull ups
·         Complete the Nike Women’s Marathon
·         Run a mile in less than 6:30

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