Monday, April 1, 2013

Why yes I am Insane

Today I did soemthing I NEVER thought I would dream of having the courage to do. Today I did the Insanity Fit really here's proof. 
Sure it's true I could have just written down some random numbers, but that's wouldn't be half as cool as actually doing it!!  I'm determined to make this happen for me and that includes following the eating plan.  I keep look at these people who get this AMAZING  results from the Beachbody programs and I'm like what the heck I can do that...can't I? I mean come on I gotta be able to do that! So I picked Insanity be the one program I commit 100% to, and don't slack on. Why?
1. My husband will suffer thought it with me
2. It's only 60 days vs the traditional 90 day program
3. The meal plan isn't insanely difficult
4. The program is insanely hard and well recognized. I want the street cred of saying I finished Insanity and the results to go with it
5. It's on my bucket list.

The other thing I'm doing is the couch to 10k app with hopes of completing the Richmond Half Marathon in November. I have other runs lined up alone the journey but it all begins with this app. I was thinking how much further along on this fitness journey can I do if I stop screwing around and get real? I dunno but let's find out!!

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